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Edmonton Area Blood Bowl League






Starting with this season, each game will have a home and an away team.  Each team in the league will play every other team in the league twice, once at home and once on the road.  The home team will receive a few benefits for the match.  The first benefit is that the home team is able to choose to kick or receive the opening kick.  The roles will be reversed to start the second half.  Secondly, the home team will automatically receive a Crowd Effect Modifier of +1 for home field advantage.  This may or may not be in addition to the CEM as determined by the gate.  The home team is also able to bribe the ref with better results.  Bribes by the home team automatically work.  They do not have to roll a 2+ to see if they are successful.  Finally, the home team receives an additional 50 000 crowns to purchase cards during the card selection phase.  This is in addition to the 200 000 given to each team and in addition to any inducements the home team may receive.  In summary:

1)         Choose kick or receive football.

2)         Automatic CEM of +1.

3)         Bribes automatically work.

4)         +50 000 crowns to purchase cards.



Be advised that apothecaries now allow a serious injury to be negated following the match.  The player will still miss the current match but any injury suffered will be negated.  The apothecary must roll a 2+ in order for this to take effect.  Apothecaries may even counter act death.  This is a rule that has been played this way since the beginning but will now officially act this way.



Opposing coaches will now be able to choose the MVP of their opponent.  They should not be allowed to look at the roosters to see who will get an improvement but it should be based on the game just completed.  It will be limited to players that received Star Player Points in the just completed match or those players that did an outstanding job worthy of an MVP award.  Penalties will be levied for improper awarding of Most Valuable Player awards.  These penalties will be in the form of fines imposed on the violating team.



We will cease to “argue the call”.  Fouling will remain as it has been played but coaches will no longer be able to change the ref’s mind about an ejection.  Bribes, purchased at the inducement stage, can be used to change the ref’s mind but that is the only way.  (With the possible exception of certain cards)



The player with the ball is pushed back and then knocked down, when he is knocked down the ball scatters one square.  The ball will scatter one square from the square the player was knocked down into.



 In order to get a three dice block the player must be “MORE THAN TWICE AS STRONG” as per page 10 of the LRB 3.0.  The key words here are more than.  This means that a strength 4 player with 2 assists has an effective strength 6 against a strength 3 player.  He would roll only 2 dice, as his strength is twice as much but not more than twice as much as his opponent.  This is quite different from the way things have been played previously.  It will now take three assists for a strength 4 player to three dice block a strength 3 player.


Teams will no longer receive inducement cash if the Team Value difference is 10 or less between the two teams. This represents that the match is too close for the owners to justify spending their money.



The following results on the Kick Off Table have changed slightly:

# 8 - Brilliant Coaching changed to D3 + CEM + Assistant Coaches. (Where D3 is 1=0, 2-3=1, 4-5=2, and 6=3)

#6 - Cheering Fans changed to D3 + CEM + Cheerleaders. (Where D3 is 1=0, 2-3=1, 4-5=2, and 6=3)



Starting free Fan Factor for each team is changed from 5 to 1 (clarify that Fan Factor cannot go below the free Fan Factor value of 1 now). In addition, a team may purchase up to 8 extra points of Fan Factor when you create a team for 10k per point to represent purchased advertising for your team's grand debut. These extra Fan Factor points are permanent but you may not purchase Fan Factor at any time other than when the team is created.  Fan Factor will still not count towards team value as part of the Vault rules.



The Serious Injury table is changed so that 11-36 is Badly Hurt (i.e. 21-26 and 31-36 results are deleted) Chirurgeon is reworded to say he simply can move a Badly Hurt player to Reserves when used. Niggling Injuries changed to add +1 to injury rolls against this player.



Chaos Dwarf re-rolls changed to 70k.

Injury Time changed.

Illegal Procedure Rule changed.

Vampires go back to 110k and lose Stab.

Dwarf Chainsaw player is removed from the roster and made star player Flint Churnblade and priced at 60k.

Dwarf Bomb player is removed from the roster and made star player "Boomer" Eziasson and priced at 60k.

Deathroller price reduced slightly to 160k.

The Deathroller and 4 Goblin weapon players are allowed to learn skills. Deathroller and Goblin Fanatic have ST access. Goblin Pogo, Bomb, and Chainsaw get AG access.

Halfling Chef needs reworded to make it clear that he is not permanent wording should say that he can be freebooted/induced only. Change his ability so that he steals a reroll for each 4+ rolled on 3D6 per a half.

Mummies get back General access.

Bull Centaurs get back General access.

Shadowing slightly modified.

Multiple Block slightly modified.

Increase the price of all Goblin Chainsaw rookie and star, Goblin Bombardier rookie and star, and Orc Star chainsaw player by 10k.

Completely remove the rules for the MNG penalty related to fouling. Do not improve fouling with any other suggestion that been discussed over the last month.

Bribes need a 2+ roll to work, except home team which are automatic.

Diving Catch changed to:

The player may use this skill if the ball is about to land in an adjacent unoccupied square during his team's turn from an inaccurate pass, crowd throw-in, or dropped/bouncing ball. It allows the player to move one square into the square where the ball is about to land. This move is made after the ball has scattered, but before it hits the ground or can be caught. No Dodge roll is required to make this move, and the player is allowed to try and catch the ball after moving. Although a player using a Diving Catch ends up on the ground for a moment, because this is a controlled fall he will not be injured and he will almost instantly regain his feet. Therefore the player is not knocked over when he uses the skill. This skill may only be used once per a team turn.

The Star prices were slightly inconsistent with some of the Vault 1.7 changes. Minor adjustments are needed to have them be uniform again. Since we did the Star prices we changed AV to be a stat increase for everyone on 10 and deleted all the traits. This changes the star prices slightly for a few stars. I'd like to keep all the stars formulatic so that future stars are easy to calc as well. So that said the 10 changes would be:

Count Luthor (w/o Stab): 380 000

Grashnak: 310 000

Headsplitter: 340 000

Hthark: 280 000

Jordell: 240 000

Morg: 430 000 (860 000 for goblin/halfling)

Moranion: 220 000

Ramtut: 300 000

Silibili: 200 000

Varag: 240 000 (480 000 for goblin)

The formula used for all stars then would be: (base player cost + (cost over 100k of base) + (MA+AV change * 40k) + (AG changes * 50k) + (ST changes * 60k) + (skills * 20k) + (doubles * 30k) + (impossible skill * 40k)). Base for Luthor=Human Lineman with G/M access ... base for Big Guys=Saurus with S/M access. Zara's special is 10k, TTM is treated like a Strength skill, Stab is treated as a General skill. No formula used for Secret Weapon stars or Thrud (play testing feedback used instead).