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Welcome to the Edmonton Area Blood Bowl League!


There are four brand new teams that are awaiting their first matches.


First off, from the isle of Albion comes the human team, the Albion Avengers.  Led by a three blitzer attack and an ogre that goes by the very unoriginal name of “Big”.  These humans are out for blood and they don’t care who donates!


The next team in is the Ratskin Renegades.  Some sort of monstrosity known as a rat ogre leads this skaven team.  Shocking this reporter as this “rat ogre” introduced himself as Rock Steddy.  This extremely quick team is already a preseason favorite to capture many a tournament.  Only time will tell when Beebop arrives!


Two other teams will be joining the league soon.  Rumor has it that a team of wood elves and a team of amazons have signed up for the Spike Tournament.