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Scene One

··× ×··

Torrie hangs out w/ her girls at the Starlights club; notices an old "friend" trying to blend in and heads over to confront him

Scene Two

··× ×··

After pleading with GG & Sara to head away from the club, Torrie finds herself being talked into going to a strip club - featuring only females.

Scene Three

··× ×··

The next day, Torrie and Kidman go down to the pool in the hotel, but Torrie just doesn't seem to be herself...

Scene Four

··× ×··

Torrie and Kidman head to the arena, and Torrie is immediately approached for an interview by Mike Tenay... Kidman ends up doing a lot of the talking while Torrie mainly stays quiet, looking around nervously.

Scene Five

··× ×··

Torrie does her Divas Undressed shoot

Scene Six

··× ×··

Torrie tapes a backstage promo

Scene Seven

··× ×··

Run-in w/ Jungle Grrrl

Scene Eight

··×The scene opens up backstage, where Torrie, Stephanie & Sara are walking along the halls×··

..:["Mystery Man" ???]:..

..:["The Shooting Star" Billy Kidman]:..

..:["Sickly Looking" Mike Tenay]:..

..:["Ditzy Photographer" Danielle Coffey]:..

..:["Queen of the Jungle" Jungle Grrrl]:..

..:["Larger Than Life" Chris Jericho]:..

..:["Perfect 10" Torrie Wilson]:..

..:["Simply Gorgeous" Stephanie Bellars]:..

..:["The Baddest Bitch" Sara Calloway]:.. Rebecca was walking slowly from the room, watching the floor and thinking, and all of a sudden someone ran into her. She looked up and was staring straight into the cold brown eyes of her ex-best friend. A tense silence followed. It was all Rebecca could do to refrain from yelling what she really thought about Lisa, and Lisa just stood there, her mouth set in a tight, drawn line. Brian and Monty's eyes darted back and forth between the two women, unsure of what to do. After about a minute of glaring at each other, Lisa broke the silence. "I knew you were a screwup, but can't you at least manage to walk right?" Lisa spat. It took Rebecca a moment to calm down, and Brian and Monty looked on worriedly. Before Rebecca could reply, a familiar voice sounded through the hall. "CATFIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rebecca spun around to see none other than Jerry Lawler. Her eyes brightened and she hurried down the hall, letting Jerry envelop her in a hug. Brian and Monty slowly followed, sending disgusted looks in Lisa's direction. Lisa rolled her eyes and walked in their direction a little further, stopping in front of one of the rooms and heading in. "What was all of that about?" Jerry asked. "Oh, nothing," Rebecca said with a wave of her hand. "What was that catfight yell about? Are you trying to be Joel Gertner now, or what?" Jerry grinned. "Hey, he got that from me!"