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Who's who in Garou

Children of Gaia 1 2 3 4 by Lan^Man-Dragon

What does this have to do with the teens, well after the plant shuts down or upgrades, parents get well start asking about their kids and call in the local law enforcement to shut down their activities. Sometimes even this does not work and we have to take down the teens, but at least the problem won't happen again for a long time, since we attacked the actual problem. 

On rare occasions we can make even the Get of Fenris look tame. Take above situation. We discovered the supervisor was being bribed to put said inspector in place. well we still have not figured out who bribed him although we have our suspicions. Let us say however, said supervisor is not going to be bribable for a long time.

Something about problems identifying the pieces of the body, especially after we found out he had been infested with a Bane. We liberated the bane from his body, although it was a bit messy doing it. Police are still trying to find who did it. Unfortunately the only talking witness claims a nine-foot high gray haired Wolf did it. Needless to say he is currently wearing clothes with wrist ties in the back living in a comfy padded room. I really hate the tribal curse.

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