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Rules Main

 Wod Weapons! Click on the weapon for a description

Melee Melee Ranged Firearms

Revolvers Light Pistols Heavy Pistols Big Boys Single-Shot Pistols

Machine Pistols Machine Guns Light Submachine Guns Heavy Submachine Guns

Rifles Assault Rifles Battle Rifles Pump Action Shotguns Automatic Shotguns

Double Barrel Shotguns Miscellanies weapons

Dif: The difficulty to hit a target at close range.
Dmg: The base damage done on a successful hit.
Rate: The maximum number of bullets a gun can fire in a turn.
Clip: The number of times a firearm can fire.
Conceal: P = hidden in a pocket; J = hidden in a jacket; T = hidden in a trenchcoat; N = cannot be hidden on one's person
Range: This can be doubled, but anything above what is listed here is considered a long-range shot.