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Channel setting - What you see in the caern!


          Located near the center of a radius encompassing Jacobs field Gund arena and the outskirts of the Erie Street Cemetery, the caern thrives. Mostly an umbral realm with the caern heart located near the center of the parking lot. The area has been converted through powerful magic's to resemble mother gaia in its purest form. The heart of the caern presides at the campfire that never dies out. The fetish mirror is the only way non-garou may enter this sept. Other garou need to pass into the umbra then again into the umbral realm of the caern.

            Upon entering this caern realm, various local avian spirits become alert to the new presence and through the mind they alert the Sept beta and local Theurge master. Friends are welcome with open arms into gaia's embrace, newcomers with good intent are greeted with a welcoming party that show them to the alpha. Enemies will be greeted with a swift war party consisting of garou and spirits commanded by the Theurge master. Unwanted trespassers beware.

            Most of the actual sept-land is loosely guarded. Mostly glasswalker kinfolk and some nameless glasswalker shifters uphold the defense and monitor kine kindred activity. Most of them range from Gund arena employees to ballpark employees . to even cemetery workers. If trouble comes, they have methods of alerting the caern to allow for swift response by the war party.....  Intruders beware.