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Margrot BuZa: Gypsy Get Of Fennris Kinfolk

Margrot BuZa was born in the Carpathian mounts to Freda Daughter to Sonya Child of Thor of the Get of Fenris. Margrots mother was half gypsy half Norse and kin to the GoF. She was raised in partially with in the Sept of the Dreaming and partially with Buza’s in their caravan.

Margrot is not a sweet charming woman. She is all about discipline and finding weaknesses. She prides herself on the fact that she rose from the ranks of the Kinfolk women in her Sept there were mostly slaves to a gypsy warrior. She fought and struggled to rise that that rank. Her large body bares the scars of her struggle. The woman now finds herself in Cleveland as an ambassador for the Buza’s after her sister Helena nearly caused a battle between the Sept and the Kindred nest. To her chagrin she finds herself a total outcast here. Her strict training and nature seem to overwhelm those that she meets. She has asked to return to her Sept but has been told that her doing so would be total failure. Margrot has been reduced in rank to just being a kinfolk which alienates her even more.

The woman is built like a Sherman tank. Standing at 6’7" her weight is figured between 250 and 300 pounds. No one would dare ask her what she weighs. She is used to her shear size commanding respect. Except here now in Cleveland it does not matter.