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DarkTruth, Shadowlord Kinfolk

Darktruth, is just that. Named for her brutal ways of defending her cubs, with a purebreed of five, said cubs were worth defending. A large female wolf, golden in color with white frosted fur, and silvery eyes, she is hard to forget. Not to mention humans that have crossed her, have her marks buried in their flesh to remind them.

After settling down with a litter of newborn cubs, she was happened upon by several young men on ATV's, they attacked her children, and herself and killed them, beating them bluntly to death with sticks and hitting them with their vehicles. Darktruth could not defend her little ones against the roaring danger, and in turn took her anger out upon the local livestock.

After killing several cows one evening, a farmer found her in the middle of her rage, and she attacked. Did not kill him, but the Animal control was called to find her and put an end to things. As they did, and she was locked into a kennel, awaiting her three days before she was put down. On the second day, she was rescued by Savval and several others, and taken back to the Caern.