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Kuzack: Cub <0> ,Galliard, Fianna

"Whhhaaaaa!" Kuzak's first sound in the real world.

"Awww isn't he cute" That was the doctor. "You have a new son"

Kuzakís mother felt right in love with him the first time she held him like any mother would. And who wouldn't he was the cuties thing you would ever see. From there he grow up with a loving family in Canada. He was a darling with the cutest blond hair and baby blue eyes. He started crawling early. And walking came soon after. He was the one that named his first puppy.

"Uffie" was his first word...declared when the puppy was sat beside him in his playpen. As he grow it soon translated to "Wulfie" At the age of 3 he became a charmer at parties. Singeing and dancing. He would be the one to stand on the stool and declare he had a -penis-. Or would be quite happy to tell the story to a going crowd that his father read to him the night before.

At the age of 4 he started in both karate and piano lessons. He was an average student at school as he grew up. Not spectacular. He progressed in writing and art more then his other skills. When he turned 12 he joined both choir and band. Playing the keyboards and having a lovely singing voice. He got and award for a story he wrote. And charmed a young girl with a poem on Valentines Day. This fella was not shy. Be he was sweet and adorable and he knew it.

He family we're Christians and he grew up with religion in his life. Going to a Bible camp each year starting at the age of 5. He learns to work with nature. Work with ropes. Canoe, archery and to cook. He learned religion as a way of life.

But at the age of 14 this charming boy began to rebel.. Just a little bit.

He gathered him and a couple friends and started a band. They all went out a dyed their hair. He decided on pink with blue tips. He laughed all the time. In fact he was quiet spunky. But something was always with him. Or should I say someone. Wulfie his Shepard puppy he got on his first birthday. They were inseparable. The dog would wait outside for him when he was at school and out side the stores when he went shopping. Slept under the blankets of his bed. Went to all the parties with him. Though on his 15th birthday. His near perfect life shattered. Everyone in his family was gathered together. Gifts were given out. He got a pair of old beaded leather braces from his Grandmother with a note "May they protect you" His Grandmother had already passed away but the gift was there for him. Sent in the mail. No one could figure out how or why or when it was truly sent. That was the good part. Late at night he snuck out to the garage. Wulfie came with him. He call up the sweet boy he'd fallen in love with but was to bashful to tell the boy was old be a few years and part of the band. 18 yrs old. That night in the garage the older boy got to touchy for Kuzack's comfort and pinned him to the couch and started to remove his cloths. Kuzack objected but the boy wouldn't stop. And thatís when his first shifts happened. Shifting crinos Kuzack riped the boys throat out like he was nothing and tore into his flesh gouging out peices of him. He tore into him with a feral hunger he couldn't understand. His dog was to go next. The next living thing in the room. And so all the band equipment was distorted. Everything in the garage torn apart. After that he passed out. He woke up in a pile of flesh a bones. He was scared and confused. He had to get out. But all he could do was just lay there. Planning. Dazed...and terrified.