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<-Artist; Unknown


Brennon; Claith <1>  Philodox Fianna

Brennon O'Shea was born in Limerick, Ireland. Her father Malcolm O'Shea was a prominent lawyer and Warder of the Silver Harp Sept. Her mother a beautiful young aspiring actress by the name of Muirinn. 

The childhood was normal, happy, easygoing until the night after her 15th birthday while she was out with friends at the mall, her parents were both attacked and turned by a rouge Malkavian. Without the Prince's permission the moster forced them both to be hunted down and killed for that and one of them being an abomination. 

SO she was sent by their Sept Leader to another foster family where the father was Fianna and they had produced no shifter children yet. They raised her and eventually had a shifter male who she treats as her brother, named Lucian. After her rite of passage she was given the name Midnight's Song and went on her way to find her place in the world, eventually stumbling upon the Flowering Dream where she hopes to find a home.....and a family.