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Artist; Adi Granov

Artist; Jaime Sidor


Coma: Claith <1> Ragabash Bone Gnawer  

Coma, originally named Elisa Khamsi was daughter to a poor family in the slums of Cleveland. At age 5 her father joined the spiral, beat and eventually murdered his wife, while coma was in the room. Due to her state of trauma, authorities took Coma to a child mental institution where she spent here life up until her mid teens

  Any attempts to get her into a foster home usually led to her trying to harm her self, thus her many scars. By 16 she was declared well enough, and let out on her own...soon she got a job at a diner. She met a guy and fell in love, staying with him beaten and abused till 1996. She got pregnant and was afraid of what he would do if he found out. She attempted self-abortion with a knife and permanently damaged herself from ever having children again. Her boyfriend found her and put her in a hospital. Once she came back well from the hospital she once again got the final wrath of her boyfriend when.... the change happened… In her wrath and grief she killed everyone that came in her path, in their slum apartment building and ran out of the city until garou found her

  Now she is 30, she’s been in Cleveland ever since.... finally faced her spiral father, killing him and his pack with help of LAN and company. Survived being tainted by bane; wyrm and the depression of harano...even survived she returns from months in rehab to the pack.