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Syan'anka; Fostern <2> Philodox Black Fury

            Born October 31st 1987 to a black fury sept in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. From a union that onto itself was a rare occurrence.  A pairing of black fury elders, the male partner being rare for male furies are cast down or killed at birth. Even the spirits celebrated this unorthodox pairing by blessing the child’s existence . Only her sense of smell has been robbed from her by her Metis birthright. 

            During her sheltered life, she discovered that she was special, and was closer to Gaia than the other shifters in her caern. Fortunate as she was, being form black fury they hold their Metis children a little better than others. She also learned around her 4th year that she was able to use both hands equally well and unlike the other shifters… Silver did not seem to bother her easily

            Blessed with having a black fury father she does not have the same rigid opinion of men as her sisters do however both father and mother encouraged her of the same black fury beliefs and lifestyle. However, the older fury spirits disapproved of the upbringing and placed a curse upon the child… Bans against the use of fetishes, making the spirits refuse to cooperate half of the time.  Plus to make the need to uphold the litany more important to her, the older fury spirits also removed the delirium effects from her breed form.

            Upon reaching her age of first shift, she found out she was a beautiful pink haired woman. She also found out she was reasonably skilled with a wide variety of abilities and skills. She also became extremely put out with the number of snakes that were around the baun of the sept, seeming to be susceptible to them in her dreams  but the aggravation was too much for her to take! And for all her life so far, she just plain don’t like being off the ground.