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Art courtesy of; Meredith French

Art courtesy of; Trista

Sept Beta! 

Zuzynth "Wildflower": Athro <4> Theurge Glasswalker


Spent most of her life with her pack she was born into. A pack of dire wolves that had no contact with the human world. She learned the wild ways of the untamed wolf and was at peace with herself. 


Her first shift was painful because it alienated her from the pack. They left her naked body out in the cold Ohio winter. Then she was happen upon by a group of glass walkers driving down the interstate as they noticed her naked body. 


They took her in upon realizing she was a lupus and even more surprised that she was kin to their tribe. They immediately began with her training to help their caern become stronger. in her training and development her renown also grew within the caern. She eventually was bestowed the rank of fostern. 


She spent more time, honing her skills until one day she was given a quest, to seek out and convince a moderately strong Gurhal <bear> spirit to become her friend and familiar. The reward would be the rank of Arden along with more wisdom in renown. She set off her quest took a little over a year, but she succeeded in her goal. Now she is coming back and everything has changed. how will she handle things.....