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Tristan Stormrider: Necocornix <1> Corax

 For a raven, her life was good.  She drifted here and there as the winds carried her.  She ate what she found and killed nothing.  She played with other ravens and teased hawks and wolves.  Then one day, she was no longer merely a raven. 

Her first shift was not quite a surprise.  A week or so before she reached maturity she began to dream.  She had never dreamed before and woke up confused and upset.  For the next 6 nights, the same dream haunted her.  She had no feathers.  She walked on two long legs.  She opened things with hands.  Then on the morning after the 7th dream, she was human. 

She woke up cold on the ground, having fallen from her perch.  Her vision was limited and blurry.  She felt heavy.  But she had hands, which were just as good as her clawed feet for manipulating things.  And there was a big raven watching her, ready to help.  She was Corax, a servant of Gaia.  All this was explained and the young raven was tutored in the ways of Corax and the ways of humans, and then she went her own way to begin fulfilling the purpose that Gaia had set for her.

The young Corax did well for herself.  She was witness to many things and always carried the news to others.  She brought light to dark places and stole secrets.  She even found a pack of garou to share the hunt with.  She was their scout and in return they gave her shelter and named the raven after her favorite game; riding the fast winds of an incoming storm. 

For a Corax, her life was good.  So she grew bold with success and too proud of her own slyness.  And in the unforgiving dark of a Spiral pit, the enemy saw her.  Tristan escaped with her life but the Black Spiral alpha had seen her.  He questioned spirits and found out about the young raven who had dared to come looking for his secrets.  He sent his tainted warriors and killed her pack.  And no doubt one day he will come looking for the one who got away.