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Photographer; Unknown

Photographer; Unknown

Den Mother

Dasha ; Aka <2> Bagheera


Dasha Russia

          Dasha was born in Siberia her parents were killed in a freak mining accident. At six months old, she was placed in a Russian orphanage. She was there until age 5. In that time, her keeps found that she was a standoffish shy child. Around most of the other children, she displayed strange animal like behaviors, such as rubbing against them and even licking them.

          At age 5 she was adopted by Russian-American parents and was brought to the states. Dasha was loved but miss understood. The child became solitary and turned inward. She seemed to be an outcast with her schoolmates. She had no friends and spent hours hiking especially in the cold Ohio winters. Four months before her 17th birthday Dash ran away from home.

          While on the streets she learned that Marijuana helped take some of her loneness and pain away. She worked for several of the local pushes as a look out for the cops. She was swift on her feet and never was caught in foot race. Soon she was sought after as a local drug runner a carrier for some of the major dealers in the area.

          It was in December of 2002 that the biggest drug sting in the city of Cleveland happened. All of her connections went down in one evening. That night forced Dash out on the streets.

          The winter was cold and unforgiving. She panhandled and stayed in shelters. She had enough cash on her to buy the occasional bag of weed and food. Then it happened. Her 17th birthday, she was sitting on the heat vent her sleeping bag over her. She was angry feeling sad now one to celebrate with and some tried to beat her up for her sleeping bag. The rage. The anger. She Shifted, into a lovely white snow leopard. She deadly predator hungry for meat that her parents never permitted her to eat, so she hunted for bird, rodents, and humans, she feasted.

          Several days later she was on a drug run for a pusher that need to make a sale downtown. It was a set up and Dash found out to late. In foot race no one could touch her but they were getting close wearing her down. She sought the safety of Jacobs field. Entering through a steam vent she ran across the field some how slipping sideways into the Umbra. She was made it. That is where she learned what she was.