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Bela Tek-Met <1> <0> Khan

So you want to hear a little bit about me. Well there is not much to tell cause I am still on the young side. I will tell you what I can.

I was born in the jungles near a place called Rewa which is in the country known as India. I was born less then 2 season cycles ago. As a cub I was always near my mother playing and scampering about causing all kinds of mischief. My mother taught me how to hunt and how to remain alert to danger. Through her I learned how to survive and to move very quietly through the jungle. As I grew bigger I became more ferocious or so I thought and learned the ways of other animals to help me in my hunts. Life with my mother was good but then when I was about 1 season cycle old the bad men came and changed my life forever. I was laying down taking a nap while my mother was out hunting for food one day when I heard a loud noise ring out in the jungle. Something told me that my mom was in trouble so I ran to see if I could help her. When I got there I saw men picking up my motherís body and putting it in a strange contraption. I had seen others like it moving around. I then saw other men come and it looked like they captured the men who were picking up my momma. I soon began to whine for my mom when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my side. I guess I fell asleep cause the next thing I remember I was no longer in the jungle but in a place with bars. I soon met another like me named Anushka who told me I was now in a place called a zoo. All I wanted was to escape and go back to the jungle.

One day Anushka was able to get out of the area we were held in and bid me to follow her. I soon found myself running away with Anushka. I do not remember what happened but we soon became separated. I traveled around for a while trying to find my way back to the jungle. I am not sure what happened but I found my self walking through a field when all of a sudden I found myself here at the caern. I was able to link up with Anushka briefly but she as left since I have arrived. Anushka did teach me how to understand the homids before she left so at least now I can understand what they are saying even though most of them do not understand me. I spend a lot of my time working on what my mother taught me and learning how to solve puzzles. I guess I am a little curious about things. Iím not sure if you heard or not but I went through my first change last night. I am still a little confused about it so hopefully Dasha or one of the other cat changers, Bastets I believe we are called will help me. I can give you a general idea what happened but I am not to sure myself. I was laying in the caern with the one known as Cynder when all of a sudden the one known as Petrov came running back to the caern screaming about something cause the next thing I knew some of the others jumped up and followed him back into the woods. I also followed him to see what was going on. We soon ran into a group that is called spirals. The next thing I knew the biggest thing I have ever seen came up out of the ground and spit something at one of the garou encasing him in a shiny mound. The garou attacked the spirals and the big thing. The big thing then covered another garou in the shiny stuff. I then saw one of the spiral come after me and try to attack me. I am not sure what happened next all I remember is being scared then all of a sudden I grow bigger and am standing on my hind feet. I must have attacked the spiral cause the next thing I knew he was dead as were the others. I soon ran in fear not knowing what was going on with me. The ones known as Cynder and Liselle soon found me and told me I had gone through my first change and was now a Bastet. I really canít tell you what that is like for me now cause I really donít understand it just yet. That is my story for now so I think I will go swimming for a while.