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Suki: Kitsune


Quote: My right hand is death. My Left hand is life. My eyes are madness.

Prelude: Both your parents were Kitsune; both your parents lived. You were the wonder of wonders” the most special secret of their court, the mascot of their sentai” even the Dragons'

darling. Every Fox of any status peeked in on you; in short, you grew up spoiled rotten, witty, winsome, and too charming for anybody's good. Then your adoring family Opened your eyes — and turned you over to the hardest taskmaster they could find. Gaia's teeth! was that Elder tough! But you realized (as you cried yourself to sleep the first morning) what had been wrong with everything in your life until then. You were sick of baby games. You walked in to train the next evening with the gleam of death in your eye, soaked up every back-breaking, mind-bending, heart-rending lesson, and loved it. When the Crossroads came, you took one look at the braziers Sensei had set before you, and reached directly for the most mysterious.

Concept: Your ancestors were the ruin of emperors and samurai; you shall destroy Yakuza lords, corporate moguls and global diplomats. You shall seize them by their weaknesses and drive them against each other; you shall fog and their minds and chase them into mirror wars. Weaver's minions shall fight those of the Wyrm, and the steel webs of cities shall choke their masters.

Role-playing Hints: You are poise incarnate. You are feminity at its most fearsome and cunning. Every mode of womanhood ” ingénue, temptress tomboy ” and every style of manipulation ” innocent, careless, brazen, sophisticated ” are your tools of trade.

Equipment: Extensive wardrobe and cosmetic kit; concealed garrotes, knives, lead-weighted scarves, poisons, drugs, needles, blinding powders; origami paper

Amaya Hana Sentai ... Nest outside Kyoto
Amaya "Night rain."  Hana ''Flower.''

Prince Inari Totem:

The Prince Inari is a spirit of plenty, of rice and foxes, of benevolence and justice. He is the great hero of the Kitsune, and teaches that true nobility requires generosity and cunning as well as bravery and honor. He is a common patron to Kitsune, and is willing to act as benefactor to any sentai who are willing to learn his lessons of cleverness and grace.

Traits: Each member of a sentai serving Prince Inari gains a dot of Wits. What's more, Inari teaches his children a variant of the Gift: Cooking which produces rice rather than gruel. Kitsune react favorably to sentai who follow Inari, and treat them as honored cousins (if not always as equals).

Ban: Inari forbids his servants from bringing misery to fox kits, and to a lesser extent, human children. Inari's children cannot kill foxes if this would leave kits to starve, and sometimes wind up spending some of their free time caring for local families of foxes. This ban doesn't forbid Inari's sentai from killing corrupt humans who also happen to have families, but the hengeyokai are expected to make some sort of provision to lessen the children's misery.