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Kimi Kitsune

Kimi's parents were typical kinfolk kitsune, born in the smaller estates of Japan. They were live trapped by poachers running with false papers for sale overseas to unwitting zoo's. Shipped in less then pristine conditions less then 1 in 5 animals survive the trip, kimi's mother and father survived just by strength of will.


They were Sold as a mated pair to the Cleveland zoo after passing through a standard quarantine. Listed as purchased from the Kyoto zoo, their documents had them listed as excess from litter. Wild foxes, now locked in captivity they had a hard time adapting. But eventually settled and tried to raise a family again.



Their first child in this country, kimi, was their pride and joy. A strong, beautiful little fox kit, with bright eyes, and bushy tail. The sum of their hopes, and wills. She grew up in the zoo, under the watchful eye of several spirits who helped her, teaching her what she was and what she'd become. As well, notifying a young kinfolk of the wolves named Tammy Parker who worked at the zoo. In hopes that she could help cover when the kitt shifted.



After her first change, Kimi and Tammy became friends, Tammy teaching her English, as well as some of the skills needed to survive in a western city. A quick learner, Kimi fast picked up English, as well as some Japanese from the TV she quickly learned to like. Tammy occasionally allows kimi to sleep at her apartment, almost adopting the kitt, and gives her some money as an allowance. Though for the most part kimi stays at the zoo with her parents.


Curious about humans she's poked around junior high once or twice, making a few friends, before being chased off by the monitors. With no human documents she can't actually attend school. Very much an outcast or street child. Though her nature of being a fox, coupled with her path of gitsukushi makes her a terror for pranks, her innocent appearance and gentle voice tend to make people believe she couldn't be a troublemaker.