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Dreams of Final fantasy is something we'll call an Role playing club. We'll vote on which Final Fantasy we play and each claim characters, pretty simple, ya?

People wanting to join must be able to do the following: Paragraph rp, keep ic and ooc seprate, be able to spell pretty well, and keep rude ooc comments to themselves :D

So far, all thats up is this front page, so... keep checking... I might get a little bit less lazy and put more up... v_v; who knows.

But anyhow, if you wanna join make sure you have an AIM account. IM Ellygant Angel and ask to do so. Yep... thats all. Have a nice day <_<;

Hey if anyone would like to help out on the site, that'd be great. I sux0r @ this. D: PEACE OUT XD

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Current: Looking for members and GM's.