Draykon Suyanne
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:: A man standing five foot nine inches, of strong build enters. Clothed in brown leather pants, lacing up the front, over those pants are black leather chaps, with false lacing up the sides and a thick leather belt. Upon his well toned chest he bares a light weight, white cotton shirt that has no sleeves, showing the tattoo of the ornate pentacle on his upper arm, under that tat he has two arm band, gifts that are never removed, and on his wrists he has thick arm guards of gold each baring a serpent. His long wispy black hair is only half tied back, long strands fall over the delicate features of his face. A large sword is upon his back, one that he places aside as a sign of peace when he enters. ::
((Mun Note: The wings are only seen when he allows you to see them. Please to not mode any knowledge of them. And he is not always barefoot.))

Name: Draykon Suyanne
Age: 2353 standard earth years of age.
Race: Fallen Angel
Marital Status: Single, but completely polygamist.

Out Of Character Information

I, as a mun, have a few things that I need to state now so that we might be able work and play together better. As follows:

~~No Assassination Attempts, Free Form Assassination Attempts, or Mass Assassination Attempts.

~~No Death Matches without my consent via IM or other OOC communication.

~~No Slave Matches or Forced Collarings.

~~Nothing will be done to my character without my consent.

~~All forms of RPing are acceptable. Instant Message, Private and Public Rooms, Adult.

~~I am over 18, and I would rather not play with juveniles. It is an adult, and an adult oriented character.

~~If it is not obvious, this is an AOL character. I am an AOL member.

My Guild Listings

OotBR (Order of the Black Rose)

Rank: Co- Guild Commander
Level: 18
Dice: 4d99
XP: 79.378.630
GP: 39.689.315

A Brief History

"Where do I start?" He laughs, his tones are fun loving and almost innocent. "Well, start at the beginning and when you get to the end.... stop...." Draykon Suyanne started his life as someone else, but who he was then, his name and rank are unimportant really. He was an Angel, the highest that one can attain in God's court, a Seraphim, once upon a time he was graced with the tri-wings upon his back, but that was so long ago, and so far away that even he had trouble remembering it sometimes.
He fell from God Almighty, a fight with the Angels, accusations slung, hateful words said and a long plummet into the earth below. Straight threw the roof of the Castle of the Standing Stones and onto the lap of Dianara Darkraven, one of the most unholy people Draykon has met to this day.
She nursed the fallen angel back to health, teaching him about the world here and the way things were done. And when it came time that he was able to leave, he chose to stay, loyal to her, this woman that had saved him and the kingdom that she served the Kingdom of the Standing Stones. It was not long after his arrival that another appeared, one that would become one of his truest allies, Draco, a Green Dragon. Together with Dianara, Draykon returned the favor that was given to him and helped teach this lost Dragon the ways of the world here.
   For years they lived happily serving the Kingdom of the Standing Stones. And then came the day that it all fell apart, a war raged threw the KotSS so deadly and so sinister that it split the three apart, not to meet again for many years in the realms of the Castle Lockheart.  
"Ah, Lockheart." He reminisced sadly. "Can't I just skip over all of that, the good times, love, fire and hatred that ended it all. No? Alright then... so be it."
Draykon became close to the daughter of the king of Lockheart, Sapphire, love bloomed and they were set to be wed, but tragedy struck, things fell apart, Dianara, who had married the king was threatened and they had to flee. Before that came though, Draykon's world came falling down when Sapphire broke it off in a most heinous manner. And again they returned and rebuild the KotSS.
Things went well there, the Prince of Lockheart had been adopted by Dianara and he was now a prince in the Kingdom.
Again, as seemed the destiny of the KotSS it fell, again in a fiery hell, an now he looks to bring the world that he learned from Dianara to light in the form of the Order of the Blood Rose. He waits for life and love and Dianara, whom he hopes will someday come out of hiding and come to this place.

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