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Welcome to the DrakanKnightGuild Homepage

Welcome to the DrakanKnightGuild Website, we are currently a small Linkshell on the Caitsith Server of the world of Vana'diel. This page will soon include the Bios of all Guild Members as well as Pictures and more Links. We are always looking for new members. Things that are expected from a DrakanKnight are loyalty to your Brothers of War, Honesty and True Chivalry. We are always looking to have fun and welcome new ideas. If you are interested in joining the LinkShell, Please find either Areonos, Shento, Gippel or Mortis. DrakanKnights Unite, We fight Together and We Die together, for any other way is a way unknown to us.

These are the Current Members of the Guild:
  • Areonos - Linkshell Administrator
  • Goddamous
  • Gippel
  • Shento
  • Kafei
  • Larissa
  • Mortis
  • Krullin
  • Tigon

Competitions: LinkShell Fishing (May 2004) Standings

  • First: Areonos
  • Second: Gippel
  • Third: Lexington
  • Fourth: Tigon

Guild Members