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Swamp Circles

  1. Circle at 37 , 155 apprx, Go to the 3 tenticals and Head kinda Northwest
  2. Circle is at 191 , 158, Head up to ruby once past the Building, Head to the east, Follow the Trees, Once they split into going west/east, Go east and Continue to Follow the trees.
  3. Cricle is at 150 , 88 apprx Start out like to the 2nd Circle and when they split into west/east go West, and Follow the Trees..
You need all 3 circles to defeat the Swamp King

To start the Swamp King quest, You need to be level 23.
Start out this quest by going to Kelly(165,207cords) in aston,
She'll send you to Clara in the outpost(232,64cords), Follow the path to the Northeast,
The path will curve to the right(east) and go out to the swamps, There you go straight on the bridge.
Don't go to the north just go straight east.Level 24 Swamp beasts in this area. Clara will send you back to Kelly to report in.
Then kelly will send you back to Clara who will ask you to visit a building where an old man lived.
You exit the outpost to the west not the south, Following the bridge to where it breaks off going
North and South. You go to the south following the bridge to the building(224,15cords), lvl 28 Swamp beasts
in this area. In the building you go to the right pasting a room of 2 swamp beasts, to another room
Where a book and a chest are. Hold shift and left click on the book to read it.
Now you need to do 1 of the circles then head back to Clara. She gives experience
For checking in on her and for finding out how to kill the swamp beast.
When your doing a circle you must kill a swamp beast inside the circle between 0:00-01:00 astonia time
Your weapon will become holy (start to glow) when you complete 1 circle. Once your weapon becomes holy
it becomes a quest item and can not be given away. This quest can take up to 3 astonia nights to complete. Once you've completed all 3 circles
you must then go fight the swamp beast king(106,15cords). To get to the king you go to clara, head west not south, follow the bridge but this time go north where it splits into north and south, Then before you exit the swamps there's a slight path north. Level 28, 29 and level 32 Beasts in this area. The king is lvl 33. Both the lvl 32 beast and the King look the same. Once you've killed the king go back to Clara. Clara gives you experience for killing the king. Then you can go to kelly who will give you money for swamp beast heads