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Shrine Meanings

Continuity Shrine
This shrine gives you experience, You must do these shrines in order,Start at 10 and go from there

Security Shrine
This shrine gives you 1 save if you are a normal character with 5 or less saves

Indecision Shrine
This shrine will take 3 stat points from all stats unless they are as low as they can go.

Living on the Edge Shrine (LOE)
This shrine will take all of the saves you have and gives you experience. But if you level from this shrine it will take that save aswell

Bribery Shrine
This shrine will take money from you and give you experience. Best to have the max amount of gold when using this shrine, Better experience. To see max amount of gold check out RD list 1 or 2

Welding Shrine
This shrine will take a stat from 1 item and move it to another one

Jobless Shrine
This shrine will take away all of the professions your character has when you touch it, but not the Profession Points

Kindness Shrine
This shrine will turn a Player Killer(PK) Alt into a Non-Player Killer.

Vitality Shrine
This shrine will add 5 mana/hp to your character depending on if it's a Mage, Warrior or Seyan

Death Shrine
This shrine will kill you, Taking all your saves if you have any. Making your character have 'The Brave' in the description and makes you able to use the Bravery Shrine.

Bravery Shrine
This shrine will give you about 2levels for a normal character and between 1.5 to 2levels for a HC character. Must use the Death shrine first

To find what RDs these shrines are in please see Rdlist1 or Rdlist2.
Remember you can only use the shrine once per RD level.