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1)No /complaining About c7 or on fellow clannies,

2)If there is a problem with the members address one
of the leaders with this problem
and it will be dealt with Accordingly,

3)Must be willing to do what it takes to help us survive,

4)If you wish to invite someone into the clan,
Please contact one of the leaders with
Who they are and why you wish to Invite them,

5)No stealing, scaming or have possession of someone's Item without their consent.

6)Also check the MB daily for news or updates or Voting, This is a requirement.

7)And Most important, Have Fun and Enjoy the game ;)

Any atempt, or breakage of these rules will be dealt with
and can cause your Character and alts to be Fired from the clan..

Contact the leaders Ingame, On the Forum
or E-mail them at

Mj, Mono, and Jburger