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She is next to kelly's place .

To start Zombie 3 she 's at 93, 111. And she wants a gold skull ,

Next level 10 mine she is at 190 , 250 She wants a Torch.

Next she is at 53, 7 in Eu at Zalian Entrance teleport point, She wants a Yellow Crystal.

Next She's at 190, 232 in swamps go to bridge turn left walk straight you will see her , She wants a swamp head..

Next is Forest, She's at 140,220, Best way is to enter from Exkordon, She wants a Spade that's Located in Orcrest's shop

Next is Exkordon, She's located 95, 49. By the Robbers There she wants to know What pie the Gov likes... Which is Strawberry Pie,

Next Sewers she Is at 69,192. She wants G H I shroom,
G Shrooms are Located in Sewers 11 and 12,
H shrooms are located in sewers 13 and 14,
And I shrooms are located in sewers 15 and 16,

Next FU She's at 219,112 at Station 20 . She wants a Red Crytal, They are located behide station 18 at 115, 89

Next she's in IU twice, First one just after the Ice 8 teleportation Point at 140, 47, She wants a Scroll From a fire

Last she's in IU in Islena's Bedroom, She wants Islena's Ring..