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RD Nooblet Info
This page is to Instruct those who are not familiar with the Random Dungoens
From the aston teleporter, You move Northwest abit then northeast to the exit on the east wall,
Exit Aston and there you'll find a small fenced-in staircase(cords 66, 120) that you hold shift and left click to use
Once you go down the stairs your in the Random Duneon(RD) place, Once in the RD place you can
talk to Apprentice. To create an RD, you say 'create (RD number)'. Example: 'create 10'
That will create RD lvl 10 for you which has has lvl 10 Dark Skeletons(DS) inside
If you do an RD with someone or a group you would say 'list' And look for the RD lvl they made
and what level is allowed in that RD, once you find it you'd say 'enter (number)'
Example: Your friend is level 23 and says 'create 20' Your lvl 20 and you say 'list' The list comes up
Apprentice says: Dungeon 1: level 20(20 to 26), remaining time: 29.45 minutes
Apprentice says: Dungeon 2: level 10(27 to 30), remining time: 7.21minutes'
You would say 'enter 1' From the list that is the closest one that your friend could have made.
When you are done with an RD you can use a recall scroll or you can hit f12 wait 5 Real life minutes and relog in. You must destroy an rd before creating another one.
You can say 'list' again and pick what RD you think was yours and say 'destroy (dungeon number)'
An easier way is, when you finish an RD and you recall or lag out, say 'create 10' and it will tell you that you must destroy (rd number)
before creating another one.

Now inside the RD, You need to pick up the Piles of Junk(pj) to get Steal Bars(st)
You use the STs to block the Trap Doors(td)
You can not pass over a TD unless you have a ST in it, To put a ST in it you simple hold shift and left click the ST to obtain it on your cursor
Then you continue to hold shift and left click on the TD. It will 'use' the ST on the TD and you will be able to pass over it safely
To complete the RD you need to find a Yendor Jewel(YJ) You get them from the DS's bodies
You only need 1 YJ to use the shrine(s), To use the shrine all you have to do is hold shift and left click on it. If you have a YJ in your inventory it will
Automaticly use the shrine. Each shrine does something different. To see the list of shrines please refer to RD list1 or RD list 2
One thing to look out for in RDs are the Gas Traps(GT), if you step too close they can hurt you. , They shoow out Green gas. The higher the RD level is the more Hitpoints the Gas will take, If you walk straight into one it will shoot off gas Twice.
This is often the cause of death in any RD. If you die in an RD just destroy it and your body will pop out by the Stairs.
Also remember, You can only use the shrine(s) once per RD level.
Example: You can only use the Continuity and Security Shrines in rd 10 once, then you must go to the next Continuity and Security shrine to use their type of power again.