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~Pot Recipes~

You need at least a mushroom (for strength), a berry (duration), and 1- 5 flowers
(to define) to make a potion.

An Estone adds +1 or so i've heard
A fiery stone adds +1 to the strengthbut makes it arch only if its a 60 min potion.
An icy stone add +2 or so I've heard.
A Hell stone I don't know what it adds I haven't heard..

If you would like to make a potion that has 2 of the basic stats
(1 Flower Pot) just put the two flowers you wish in it (no more)
and you get the two stats. (i.e. AB - intuition/wisdom potion, FG - mana/endurance potion).
To the left are the Recipes for 1 flower pots to 5 flower pots

I have not tested these Recipes personally..
The Field of Alchemy is always changing so if you see one that is wrong or
know one that is not listed, Please Contact us,
Ingame, On our Forum

Mj, Jburger
Leaders and founders..