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~Mad Mages~

To start this quest, After you've completed all quests from 1 to 6. Go to the Tavern.
Talk to Quiwynn she will talk about how the mages went mad. Mad mages are abit south the door on
the west(left side). There are 2 different items you
need for this part. First item is the Happiness Potion. It is located in the first room with
2 mages. Once you've obtained this you can either take it back to Quiwynn for Experience and gold or
wait until you have the 2nd item. This map should help you through.
The Second item is the Recipe for the potion it is located in
the room with 4 mages. Once you've obtained this you will go back to Quiwynn. She will give you
experience and gold for the recipe then Logain will begin to talk to you..
Please refer to Mad Knights for instructions.