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Once you've completed skellie 3, You must go talk to nook. This map
will help you find Nook if you need it. He will talk about robbers taking his hat. And tell you to
go to the teleporter at 0:00(midnight) and follow him back to his hide out. The robber must not die
Or you will have to wait til the following night. Or you could right click on the ground to find what
cords you are at and go to Cords 244,78, Which is the entrance to Robbers. A map of this area will come soon
You must obtain the Jester's hat and return it to Nook He will reward you with Experience but too poor for gold
then he will tell you how to open the secret passage way to Skellie 5.
Don't forget the chests in Robbers. From then you go onto Skellie 5. Please refer to Skellie 5 for instructions.