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~Skellie 5~

You are suppose to do Nook's quest before this one. He wont tell you the information you need
to enter Skellie 5 until you bring back his hat. So if you haven't went and got Nook's hat yet
please refer to Robbers quest.

If you have done Robbers, Please read on. Nook once you give him
his Jester Hat he will tell you he heard someone say 'Stand between the torches.' That is what
you must do to open the secret area to enter Skellie 5. This map should help with that.
You must kill Moakin for the final magical Skull. But he is guarded by his guard you must have good
Immunity for this part or you can stand in the door on stealth so the guard only attacks you first
then take on Moakin. A map is soon to come for thie area Once you've obtained the Skull.
You then must return to Gwendylon. He will then give you some gold and experience.
For the next quest you must go to the Tavern and talk to
Guiwynn. Please refer to Mad Mages for instructions