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~Skellie 2~

When you complete Quest 2 (skellie 1), Gwendylon will tell you there is a 2nd skull.
And to check with the villiagers maybe they heard something. That's telling you to go the Tavern.
That's the bulding facing west (entrances opens to the east). The villiagers will tell you of a place
behind the tavern. You then walk outside the tavern and follow it around there's a slight path to a
small building. Between 20:00 and 06:00 a Skeleton will come out and stand. You must kill him to obtain
the key to open the door. This is skellie two.. You hold shift and click on the hole to enter skellie 2.
This map should help you locate things.
Once your inside you will see lightning balls flying on the west side of the fence. These will hurt enough to kill you.
So you must first kill the skeleton that controls the gun to stop it.
You will have a time limit before the skeleton respawns. About 5 minutes is your time limit. Once you obtain the magical skull you must then return to Gwendylon
For your reward. Some cash and experience. Then he will send you onto the 3rd part (4th quest).
Please refer to Skellie 3 for intructions.