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The first quest is Thieves, James the Drunkard first starts talking about it..
He's the guy when you first log in, over to the left..
He has chests around him, if you lose items you can check the chests to replace some like armor or weapons

He directs you to Lyida, Who is in Gwendylon's castle.. Located NorthEast of the Fortress(where you log in at)
NorthEast is to the Left and up, This map will help you find Lydia inside the Castle
Lydia will talk about her headache and ask you to Go to the thieves hideout to find a potion, That is west and abit north from the castle
If you follow the path from the castle front door it should go SouthWest then back NorthWest(West is to your left)

Inside the Thieves hide out, You need to find a key then a chest with the potion for Lydia.
This map will help you there.

Once you have the potion you go back to lydia and she will direct you to the 2nd quest..
Please check out skellie 1 for instructions on the 2nd quest..