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You need at least a mushroom (for strength), a berry (duration), and 1- 5 flowers
(to define) to make a potion.

An Estone adds +1 or so i've heard
A fiery stone adds +1 to the strengthbut makes it arch only if its a 60 min potion.
An icy stone add +2 or so I've heard.
A Hell stone I don't know what it adds I haven't heard..

If you would like to make a potion that has 2 of the basic stats
(1 Flower Pot) just put the two flowers you wish in it (no more)
and you get the two stats. (i.e. AB - intuition/wisdom potion, FG - mana/endurance potion).

The Field of Alchemy is always changing so if you see one that is wrong or
one that is not listed, Please Contact us,
Ingame, On our Forum