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Guides are volunteers, but with any volunteer work, there are some basic duties and requirements. Guiding is an important position within the Destiny role playing game. It means helping out the Channel Ops {DGM's and DGA's.}, update players on the current event taking place, answering game related questions, and lessening the load for the Channel OPS {DGM/DGA}. Sometimes guiding becomes more essential then the actual event taking place. It is always helpful to know what is taking place in the game upon entering an adventure, or seeing an inn or summit event taking place. This gives any player an advantage on their role playing skill, and updates them to what situation they maybe placed in. This is a large responsibility and an extreme help to the Hosts of Destiny.
Listed below are what is required of Destiny Guides. If these guidelines cannot be followed, then a person should seriously consider whether they truly wish to be one of the guides of Destiny or not.
All Guides are expected to make their presence known to any Channel OP{DGM/DGA} that enters the room. This means messaging the Channel OP {DGM/DGA}in PM, Offering help to --ALL-- players, updating the new participants on the current event taking place, And offering any assistance to the Channel OP during their particular event. The Guides are also there to answer player's questions to the best of their ability. When Guiding during any event that you are participating in, your first priority is to the Channel Hosts. They will understand if you are silent, and in PM helping catch people up on their particular event taking place. Thusly you will not be deducted XPs for lack of RP. All Destiny Hosts are required to announce the in-room guides. This makes it a better gaming experience for you as players, Hosts, and anyone observing the event taking place.
Basic rules of conduct of guiding:
Rule #1
We do not discriminate, mistreat, or insult anyone base on their race, religion, sexuality, politics, or preference in their ic professional traits. You can disagree with their opinions all you want to but do not attack the individual themselves, ic or ooc. That is considered a personal attack. Remember that everyone has the right to voice their opinion regardless on whether or not you agree with it.
Depending on the severity of the situation and your action, you will only get -1- warning. Different situation depends on different resolution. How to handle this situation if someone is bad mouthing you or flaming you in a matter that you feel uncomfortable with? Either ignore the person and always let one of the hosts hosting know you don't like being treated this way. Remember just because someone is making an ass of themselves by being rude to you doesn't mean you have to stoop to their level.
Rule #2
Harassing other members through PMs. While private messages are private. Please use proper conduct when contacting other members through PM. Talk to people with respect and with common sense on how to treat them properly. Just because it's private doesn't mean you can be rude toward them.
Harassing or misbehaving toward another member through PM can result in a warning point toward you. During the duration of being a Destiny Guide you get a total of 5 warning points before you are removed from duties.
Rule #3
Excessive use of coarse language. We do not tolerate coarse language at all. One of the Destiny room rules is no use of the -F- word, OR any forms of it.
This word will definately be used as an automatic 2 warning points against you, with a probation period. We can not have guides mistreating the room rules.

Remember being a Destiny Guide is something to be proud to do. This is one of the first steps in becoming a host for the game. You are a representative of the hosts, and of the actual game itself. The players will begin to recognize your help as well as your knowledge of the game.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and requirements of becoming a Guide in the Destiny-RPG. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at

**--** All guides are required to make a weekly report to me via email @
In the report you will include, the character name you were using at the time, who you guided *exact registered nick required please* and the host of the event that was hosting. XPs will be updated on a -weekly- basis, upon the confirmation of the host you helped guided for. IF you do not present a weekly report, I will automatically assume you do not want the xps you've earned, and cancel any update for them in the future. It is your responsibility to get me this vital information to maintain a smooth flow for the hosts, and the updating staff. I will -not- hunt, track-down, and send search parties for you to get this information.


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