Dominants and Submissives

One of the two main professions among the DeSade Family, are those of Dominant and Submissive. Regardless of your placement among the other classes, or lack there of, when you take on a submissive you are now a Dominant.

There are many names for Dominants, such as Mistress or Master. Some women Dominants are referred to as a Domina or Dominatrix. A Dom is a male, a Domme is a female.

When you become a Dominant in the DeSade’s you accept the responsibility of a Submissive. You protect them, care for them, correct and punish them when needed. They are your responsibility, much like a child. They give their lives to you completly to serve you, and as such they are your wards.

As a Submissive you are not a slave, you are better then a slave. You willingly enter your service as a Submissive and give your Dominant control over you. When you become a Submissive in the DeSade’s you accept the responsibility of serving your Dominant to the best of your ability. You see to their needs and accept their corrrection of you should you need it.

When you join the DeSade Family as a Dominant, you will meet with our Empress. She will make sure you are trained in all the fine arts of being a Dominant, or assign someone to see to your training. If you are already a Dominant the Empress or one of her choosing will check your skills. Once deemed worthy, you will be assigned a Submissive.

All Submissives are the care of the Empress until assigned. All assignments are arranged by the Empress or a member of the Imperial Court , unless it is SL related and the Submissive comes to the Family through their Dominant.

The Submissives are separated into four Ranks.
This is the Submissive Hierarchy, the pecking order if you will, however it only applies to interaction between the submissives.

Gediklis: A Gediklis is a submissive who has not yet been assigned to a Dominant, but who has been favored, and fortunate enough to be accepted into the DeSade Empire as a Submissive.

Guzdeh: A Guzdeh is a Submissive who has been assigned to a Non Ranked, or Regular Ranked Clan member

Ikbal: An Ikbal is a Submissive who has been assigned to a Clan member who is a Head of a Class, an Imperial Advisor or Royalty other then the Empress.

Kadin: A Kadin is one who has been assigned to the Empress.

If you wish to show favor to one of your Submissives, you may make them your Favored One among your Subs, and that would rank them above your other submissives. For example, the favorite of the Empress would be the Favored Kadin of the Empress. This only applies if you have more then One Submissive. Each Dominant may only keep 3 submissives at one time. (OOC it is to keep it fair in regards to RP time and so no one gets neglected.)

It is the Empress’s job to make sure the Submissives are paired with the Dominant that suits them. In that vein, if you wish to be a Dominant or Submisisve you must fill out the form below, answering the questions about the type of Dominant/Submissive you are, and the type of Dominant/Submissive you wish. She will do her best to place you properly.

Rules for the Dominants and Submissives.

1.If you are a DeSade Submissive there is to be no whining about your treatment in the open unless you are willing to except the consequences. If you wish your character to go a different way or have a problem with the Dominant you are playing with, discuss it in whisper. The Dominant WILL listen to your opinion and wishes and will find some way to work it into the SL so that the Dominant does not lose face. Dominants should take note of this as well, as you are required to take the OOC wishes of your submissive into consideration when RPing your situations.

This next applies to both Sumissives and Dominants: If you are assigned a specific Dominant, work out with each other as to how your character is going to act and what you will and will not accept SL wise, or accept the consequences of your actions.

2. If a Submissive is assigned to a specific Dominant, they answer to that Dominant and none other with the exception of the Empress who’s word superscedes all others in the Empire. No other Dominant may play with that submissive, nor discipline them unless the Submissive takes an aggressive action towards that Dominant or is given permission from that Submissives Dominant. In the event that a Submissive attacks a Dominant, that Dominant can defend themselves and punish the Submissive within reason, but extensive punishment or death must be dealt by the Submisisves Dominant, once again, unless you gain permission from the offending Submissives Dominant. If the Dominant does not appear within a week to meet out punishment, it is left to the Empress or one of the other Rulers. As stated before, these Laws do not apply to the Empress, though you can be sure she is fair in this regard.

3.If you play a Submissive and do not wish to be given to a different Dominant, work that out with your assigned Dominant ahead of time if you have one.

4. If you wish to play a Submissive that works their way up to Dominant,specify that when filling out the form and the Empress will be sure to place you with someone who will train you in the ways of a Submissive, then a Dominant. If you later decide you would rather be a Free Citizen as stated before, work out the SL development with your Dominant and/or the Empress. No one is forced to play a character they do not wish to play, but we do prefer it be RP’d out.

5. There is always the chance that a female submissive will become pregnant in the course of the RP. In regards to the status of the child or the submissives rights to it: The Submissive belongs fully to their Dom or Domina, they entered into this arrangement willingly. IF their owner decides not to allow them to carry the child, it is their duty to follow their wish. HOWEVER...the submissive has the right to seek a ruling from the Emperor or Empress themself, for in special circumstances, the order of thier Dom/Domina might be overturned. (I.E. The submissive in question was supposed to be unable to concieve. This child may be the only one she has, and her Dom ordered her to abort. She asks the empress, she agrees, and the child lives.) Only special circumstances will be entertained by the royal body. When the child is born, the child is NOT a submissive, nor is it under the 'ownership' of its mother's owner. It will be raised by the submissive, and/or its father, or the present owner of the mother. If the mother looses favor, and status, the child WILL NOT loose favor with her. The child is a Child of passion, pleasure, and lust. A child of the DeSades. Should the child be parentless, it will be a ward of the state, seeking adoption by a willing DeSade member. When the child reaches 16, they are given the right to choose their own path as FULL DeSade members...seeking whatever position they desire.Weather Submissive or Dominant, Black Knight or Coven, or even the Inquisition.

6. Multiple Ownership

Subs can be owned by more then one person in the spirit of serving whosoever is chosen as fully as the one that owns them.  However clear and set rules must be established before this can be done.

. It must have the full consent of the listed owner of the Submissive.  This consent must be announced too the DeSade family, in both e-mail and in contacting the royal court personally.

The subsequent ‘owner’s’ of the Submissive, beyond the First owner, may not assign other masters or mistresses for the submissive.  That is to say, Dom1 gives Dom2 rights too his submissive, Sub1, but Dom2 can not give Dom3 the same rights.  Only Dom1 has that privilege.

Although recreational aspect of giving pain is granted, outright punishment is forbidden for subsequent owners.  In other words, subsequent owners can have the submisisves pleasure them, and give them pain in the nature of pleasing themselves, but ‘punishment’ for wrong doings or improper behavior of the submissive is left for the Primary owner.

((Ooc:  Yeah folks, ooc comes into it too.  Just as the submissive agrees ooc to serve your character, and gives a list of his or her ‘boundaries’ this must also be respected by those you grant your sub too.  The sub must, in turn, agree to serve them as well.  If a sub is forced too serve without this agreement, trust me, you will have earned your place on our shyt list.))

7. ALL Submissives serve willingly, at least on an OOC Basis. If you wish to RP out a forced Servitude SL, you must clear it with the Empress first so that it is not misunderstood

These Laws may be changed or updated in time as the need arises, and all will be notified of any changes. Special Note. I do caution anyone wishing to become a submissive that as a submissive your RP will depend upon your dominant as a submissive may not interact with anyone bu tthe Empress without thier dominants permission. Be sure you wish to have your RP that limited before deciding to take on this roll. It can be a very fun roll to play,however, just besure you dont mind having your RP limited.

There is a new class of Submissive as well...the Communal Submissive.