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Hello and welcome to The Dark Stone home page. First let me give you the history so you aren't confused. If you've read it, now you shouldn't be as confused :) Ok. Let's get on with our tour. This site is based on a story called: DemonWorld. A type of Dungeons & Dragons. And if you think the music is annoying by now, click here to restart the page with out the music :)


So now you know what the Dark Stone is. So this site is providing several things... a chatroom to roleplay your Dungeons & Dragons characters (currently unavailable). Since the chatroom is anavailable right now, I do have a different mode of roleplaying. You won't get to chat with other people, this method you'll be by yourself. But hey, wait till I finish my site, it'll rock! Anyways, enough chit chat. Let's get to the good stuff.

Ok. There are two ways of roleplaying as I have mentioned before, but now I thought of a third. AIM (Aol instant messanger). All you need is an aol account, not the AOL program itself. Click Here to download AIM now!