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Power Level: 12,500
Hit Points: 12,500
Signature Attack: Big Bang (12,500 Damage)
Signature Description: As Vegeta places his arm extended in front of him, he would gather a small globe of orange and red sparking energy. Vegeta would then tense and flex his arm, the globe of energy would expand to a massive size. He would raise it above him and hurl it at his opponent.
Chakra: 11
Alignment: Good
Physical Damage: 675
Transformations: None
Job: Fighter
Zenni: 7,500
Items: Silver Senzu Bean
Attacks: Bukujutsu, Phase, Ki Sense, Final Flash (7 Charges, 8,750 Damage), Galick Gun (4 Charges, 5,000 Damage), Saiyan Pride (10 Charges, Deals 3,125 Damage to the user), Edge (X Charges, Each blast deals 675 Damage)
Race: Saiyajin
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Aurora Color: Blue
Age: 35
Description: The Legendary Prince of the entire Saiyajin race. Despite his never ending pride, Vegeta is a true warrior at heart and is second best to Goku. Ever since his first defeat by Goku he's slowly became more light hearted until the faithful day he married the love of his life, Bulma and started a family. Even now he still trains to best the one he cannot...
Status: Alive
Weighted Bonus: 0%
Quote: "Fool, you think you can defeat me?"
AIM Screename: HybridMagnum119
Theme Song: "Headstrong" by Trapt
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