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This is all of the mentors in the entire universe. They have special techniques that they teach to members in the RPG. Requirements range for each mentor, and not all the mentors are on the same planet. Mentors will be played out much differently in this rpg, you will only be able to learn 1 move from a mentor a day, their overall abilities will be cut into sessions, and each session will be more than just learning the technique.

Master Roshi
Master Roshi is the master of the Turtle Style Martial Arts. His technqiues are meant for power and confusion. He resides on Planet Earth and teaches anyone who is willing to bring him what he wants ( ::sweatdrop:: ). He teaches; Turtle Destruction Wave and Zanzoken.

Dende is a Namekian who resides as the new Guardian of Earth, after Kami's fusion with Piccolo. Dende is a non-violent and mostly calm person who helps with support and not with muscle. Dende will only teach Namekians, in addition, the Namekian must be of a good alignment. Dende teaches; Essence of Life and Golden Light.

Babidi is a powerful, and evil wizard who is bent on destroying the entire universing. His previous attempt failed and he now remains alone, a hermit, on Earth, killing anyone who comes near him. If swayed, he will only teach those of Evil, with Darkness in their soul. Babidi teaches; Majin and Kiai.

Guru is an old elder of Namek. He birthed every Namekian and is the father of the Namekian race. He is no fighter, and loves all his children tenderly. He is always willing to help those who have great good within' them. Guru will only teach those of Good Alignment. Guru teaches; Unlocked Potential.

Nail is a soldier of Namek, he protects and fights for Guru. He is one of the strongest warriors on Namek and would die for his planet, so much so that he even once fought off Frieza for the sake of Guru. Nail will only teach those who are Namekian, the Namekian must also be approved by Guru. Nail teaches; Regeneration and Special Beam Cannon.

King Vegeta
King Vegeta is a great warrior, he is the Father of Saiyajins and leader of the Saiyajins. He trains and fights in the name of Vegeta. After being freed from Frieza's grip, Vegeta has put all his efforts into killing Frieza. King Vegeta only teaches those who are of Saiyajin Heritage, this includes Hybrids. King Vegeta teaches; Tail Growth and False Moon Light.

Frieza is an Evil Tyrant who plans on one day dominating the entire universe. Many times he has failed in his plans to take over the universe, however some say he has a new plan in store, and his confidence is very high. Frieza only teaches those who are Evil and willing to fight for him. Frieza teaches; Deathball and Energy Wave.

Kanassa Warrior
This is just a lowly warrior on the planet Kanassa. He gets bored often with not much action now that the Universe is at peace ( for once ) however he may be willing to pass on his abilities for a small fee of 10,000 Zenni. He teaches anyone who will pay. Kanassa Warrior teaches; Telekinesis.

Yardrat Warrior
Much like the Kanassa Warrior, this is just a boredly warrior who spends his days guarding. Not much to fight as the universe is still at peace, however he as well would pass on his abilities to anyone who would pay him 20,000 Zenni. Yardrat Warrior teaches; Instant Transmission.

King Kai
King Kai is also known as the North Kaioshin. He watches over the sector of the Universe that Earth floats in. If you die, and you're good, and you're a warrior you may have a chance to travel Snake Way to reach King Kai's Planet. King Kai will teach anyone who can past his three tests. King Kai teaches; Kaio-Ken and Spirit Bomb.

Grand Kai
Grand Kai is the Kaioshin that is above the four Kaioshins of the Universe. Grand Kai diligently watches over them and makes sure they don't kill each other while they maintain the peace as best they can. Now and then Grand Kai will step in to fight. Grand Kai teaches anyone of Good Alignment that can get past his radical training. Grand Kai teaches; Super Kaio-Ken and Ultimate Spirit Bomb.

Supreme Kai
Supreme Kai is the greatest Kaio in the Universe. He is above even the Grand Kai and works to maintain peace and tranquility throughout the entire universe. Supreme Kaio only teaches those who have trained with both King Kai and Grand Kai. Supreme Kai teaches; Mystic and Fusion Dance.

Dabura is the ruler of all Demons. He resides in HFIL and keeps an eye over the damned and all of those who are evil. Rumor has it that Dabura plans on expanding out from HFIL and begin domination over the Universe, but it's only a rumor. Dabura teaches those who he deems worthy, whether it be through tests or potential. Dabura teaches; Stone Saliva and Inferno.

Dr. Gero
Dr. Gero is a scientist who used to live on Earth. He later turned himself into a Robot and was later killed by his own creations. Dr. Gero now lives in HFIL, working in his laboratory and testing his projects on demons and the damned. Time and time, Gero and Dabura will have wars in hell, this usually decides which of the two will maintain control of HFIL, currently Gero is the loser. Gero will teach anyone Evil who agrees to fight for him, they must be Android. Dr. Gero teaches; Absorbtion and Life Drain.

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