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Power Level: 10,000
Hit Points: 10,000
Signature Attack: Razor (10,000 Damage)
Signature Description: Creates a shinning Green ball of energy capable of going through or burning anything it touches. Its a small ball bout 2 inches wide.
Chakra: 11
Alignment: Good
Physical Damage: 500
Transformations: None
Job: Journalist
Zenni: 5,000
Items: Silver Senzu Bean
Attacks: Bukujutsu, Phase, Ki Sense, Gauntlet (4 Charges, 4,000 Damage), Ki Storm (9 Charges, 9,000 Damage)
Race: Human
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Light Blue
Aurora Color: Pale Blue
Age: 16
Description: He has hair of dark navy blue and eyes of bright baby blue. His build is that of a fighter, slender, yet strong. He doesn't have a specific outfit at the time. He is usually adorned in normal black and blue-toned clothing
Status: Alive
Weighted Bonus: 0%
Quote: Thy makes time to die and so shall thee."
AIM Screename: Leon of the Star
Theme Song: None
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