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This is the home of all the laws and rules that one most obide as a member in this RPG. If you break a rule, the punishment will be decided by the webmaster, however in the situation where the person recieving the punishment believes they have been treated unfairly, they may get other members opinions and overall have a vote of the entire RPG deciding whether to keep the punishment or not. They are broken into a few caterogies, and rules may change throughout the era of this RPG. Be sure to check them frequently.


1.) Don't harass the webmaster to update you, they will get around to it whenever they can.

2.) Don't harass other members in any way that may be inappropriate.

3.) Training will be composed of a written story of what your character has done. You can do anything in your training, and be as detailed as possible. The more you detail, the more you'll gain.

4.) You may train three times a day.

5.) Training will get you anywhere from 0 - 2000 base points.

6.) Gravity Chart; The Gravity Chart shows how strong a person has to be to sustain that much Gravity. 1 point of Gravity adds 100 extra points to any, training, spar, dm, or adventure. The highest Gravity anyone can attain in this RPG is 500x Normal Gravity.
1 - 10x Gravity; 20,000 Power Level
11 - 20x Gravity; 40,000 Power Level
21 - 30x Gravity; 60,000 Power Level
31 - 40x Gravity; 80,000 Power Level
41 - 50x Gravity; 100,000 Power Level
51 - 60x Gravity; 120,000 Power Level
61 - 70x Gravity; 140,000 Power Level
71 - 80x Gravity; 160,000 Power Level
81 - 90x Gravity; 180,000 Power Level
91 - 100x Gravity; 200,000 Power Level
more to come

7.) Chakra is the total amount of Charges you may have stored in you at once; if you have 10 Chakra, you may only charge 10 times, then you must use your charges before anymore charges will be considered Valid. If you overcharge then it won't count against you, but you'll just be wasting time and energy.

8.) When you choose an alignment; Good Or Evil, stick to your Alignment, if you want to change, discuss it with the webmaster and they'll either allow it through events in the RPG or they won't allow it. Keep in mind, changing alignments is very rare, but if it happens, you can never switch back after you've changed. So be sure to make up your mind early.


1.) Fighting System; The Fighting System will be speed based, 5 word limit per attack and dodge/block. Charging only needs to be 1 word; ::charges:: For an attack to hit, you must state ::hit:: after your action before your opponent dodges in anyway.

2.) Don't force hits; ::knocks his foe into the ground with force:: <~~ example of forced hit.

3.) Sparring; Sparring is a match between two or more people in which the Speed Based Fighting System is used, no one dies in a spar. The winner of a spar gets 1,000 PL&HP and 1,000 Zenni. The loser of a spar gets 500 PL&HP and 1,000 Zenni.

4.) Death Matches: Death Matches (DMs) are fights to the death in which two or more people, using the speed based fighting system, fight until the other is incapacitated. If challenged to a DM, the person doesn't have to accept, unless it's in a Saga situation. If a person is challenged to a DM and wins, they don't have to kill their challenger. However when the challenger wins, they must kill their victim. The winner of a DM gains 5,000 PL&HP and 3,000 Zenni. The loser of a DM gains 2,500 PL&HP and 3,000 Zenni, and then dies. The winner of a DM may also take all the losers money.

5.) You may Spar a total of 5 times a day.

6.) You may DM as many times a day as you wish.

7.) Consentual DMs only, no challenging people and allowing the challengee to win so both live to fight again and again.

8.) You must take hits, whenever you get hit by your opponent, you must acknowledge it. Ex/ ::being punched in the gut, he would fall to the ground in pain:: these can usually be used for dodging as well, because your change your position and thus your opponent has to change their play.

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