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Job Listings

This page holds the jobs of the RPG. Jobs are an excellent way to earn Zenni, which is used to purchase items in the RPG. Every pay day is Friday.

Fighter: Fighters get paid to fight, pretty much they get additional money for every fight their in. They gain 25% extra Zenni from Sparring and Death Matches. They recieve no money on Pay Day.

Capsule Corporations Inventor: Inventors can suggest items for the RPG's shop, they earn 2,000 Zenni for every accepted item, also they get 5,000 Zenni every pay day.

Journalist: Journalists review and write about the RPG. They write and file reports on events in the RPG, which can include asking opinions from players, current villans, or just focusing on their own thoughts. Depending on how well the report is the pay of a Journalist ranges from 0 - 5,000 Zenni. They also get paid 5,000 Zenni every pay day. Journalists may only review the site, twice a week.

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