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Power Level: 12,000
Hit Points: 12,000
Signature Attack: Wrath of God (12,000 Damage)
Signature Description: Goten extends his right hand and then makes hand movements of a cross. He then draws his hand back to his right side and balls it up into a fist. His fist glows bright gold and as he throws it forwards the energy in his hand is released in a massive blast of energy.
Chakra: 11
Alignment: Good
Physical Damage: 600
Transformations: None
Job: Fighter
Zenni: 1,250
Items: Silver Senzu Bean
Attacks: Bukujutsu, Phase, Ki Sense, Hammerfist (4,800 Damage, 4 Charges), Axe Blast (7,200 Damage, 6 Charges), Knifehand (9,600 Damage, 8 Charges), Ki Heal (Heals 3,000, 3 Charges), X Blast (8,400 Damage, 7 Charges), Spirit Blast (10,800 Damage, 10 Charges), Over the Edge (Deals 3,000 damage to the user, 10 Charges)
Race: Half Saiyajin, Half Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Aurora Color: Green
Age: 26
Description: The second son of Goku, Goten is a fighter like his father and older brother. He has more of a social life than his brother but spends time training none the less. He looks after his friends and considers himself a guardian.
Status: Alive
Weighted Bonus: 0%
Quote: "Rules. morals and promises are all made to shatter under the weight directed at them... Honor is the only thing that can withstand the weight of the world."
AIM Screename: Swordsmans Fate
Theme Song: "Learn to Fly" by Foo Fighters
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