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Power Level: 15,000
Hit Points: 15,000
Signature Attack: Masenko Flash (15,000 Damage)
Signature Description: Facing his target, he raises his right arm into the air, opening his hand, his palm looking up at the sky. He begins to gather energy into the space above his palm. A ball of orange-golden energy hovers above his palm. The ball remains it's tiny size and he proceeds to pull his arm back, throwing his body into it as he tosses the energy at his target. As the blast flies through the air it slowly expands, and as it hits its target it implodes expanding outward in a massive dome of energy.
Chakra: 11
Alignment: Good
Physical Damage: 750
Transformations: None
Job: Fighter
Zenni: 6,250
Items: Silver Senzu Bean
Attacks: Bukujutsu, Phase, Ki Sense, Masenko (5 Charges, 7,500 Damage), Ki Fist (1 Charge, 1,500 Damage), Ki Fury (6 Charges, 9,000 Damage), Demon Orb (8 Charges, 12,000), Elixir (3 Charges, Heals 3,750), Super Ki Fist (2 Charges, 3,000 Damage), Barrier (4 Charges), Masenko Bomb (7 Charges, 10,500 Damage)
Race: Half Saiyajin, Half Human
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Aurora Color: Green
Age: 10
Description: Gohan is the Eldest Son of Chi-Chi and Goku. Goku being a Saiyajin; Chi-Chi being Human, Gohan is the first known Hybrid between Saiyajin and Human. Gohan had always had a great hidden power dormant within' him, and he always remained cool and calm, much like his parents. However like his mother, if he was provoked his anger slowly unleashed his powers. After several years of training with Piccolo, Krillin and Goku, Gohan became a superb fighter. While training with his father in the HBTC he became a Super Saiyajin, and as he was fighting Cell, his dormant abilities unleashed and he finally gained control of his abilities and ascended his powers to Super Saiyajin 2. Gohan killed Cell that day with the help of his father and the torch passed; Gohan would be the new Hero of Earth. Now Gohan spends most of his days studying to his mother's delight.
Status: Alive
Weighted Bonus: 0%
Quote: "When you do things right, no one will no you've done anything at all."
AIM Screename: Untappedloser
Theme Song: "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz
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