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Power Levels


Oozaru: No minimum - x10 PL

SSJ: 1,000,000 achievable - x15 PL for boost.

SSJ2: 200,000,000 achievable - x30 PL for boost.

SSJ3: 450,000,000 achievable - x50 PL for boost.

Golden Oozaru: SSJ3 minimum - x60 PL - Needed before one can hit SSJ4

SSJ4: 800,000,000 achievable - x85 PL for boost.

Here is how these Power Levels work. When you reach the minimum PL, simply multiply your PL by the number listed above, to find your transformed PL. However, when a Saiya-jin reaches these PLs, it does not mean they can automatically transform. All Saiya-jins need to have an event in their lives, that triggers the transformation.

The types of events needed in order to transform, will be discussed in the Rules section of this web site.

Super Namek: 25,000,000 - +15,000,000

Ultra Namek: 100,000,000 - +50,000,000

These are auto-increases, and not transformations. When a Namek reaches 25 million, he is automatically boosted to 40 million. There, he trains from 40 to 100, where he will again be boosted. This is not a power-up, a Namek ceases being a Namek, and is then known as a Super Namek.

Demons: Some Demons have seperate forms. Similar to what happened to Sesshomaru in Inu Yasha, when he fought his brother Inu Yasha, there are forms known as a Full Demon form. These forms raise the Demon's power to a level they could not access in their previous form, due to their bodies limits and restrictions. This is similar to an Icer's transformation ability, however, there is only one additional form. The upgraded body may alter depending on things happen to the Demon, but their power still increases, and they are still carrying forth their abilities.

Full Demon Form: 1,000,000 - +21,000,000.

The Jigan Eye is added to a Demon's body through surgical means. Only strong Demons however, can withstand the unity of the Jigan Eye, and thusly, only Demons who possess a Full Demon Form can gain the Jigan Eye. When a Demon who has a Jigan Eye on their forehead transforms into their Full Demon Form, the Jigan eye imprints smaller eyes all over the Demon's body, thusly, making their reaction time quadruple. Thusly, the power of a Jigan Demon is even greater in their Full Demon Form.

Full Jigan Demon: 45,000,000 - +55,000,000

Humans do not gain power when they reach a certain point in level, therefore, they don't need to be menitoned here. If you bring forth a race that does possess power boosts upon reaching a certain level, discuss it with me, and I might add that in here.