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News and Updates

RM2k3 Update Patch v1.06
Version 1.06 of RM2k3 is translated by RPGAdvocate. The update includes a lot of bug fixes, mostly involving its battle system, along with MP3 fixes allowing ID3 tags and more encode types. Check it out!

RM2k Update Patch v1.85

The latest update, I get this patch in dark-dominion. There's not too much new in this one. If you haven't heard, this utility makes your RM2k easier, more user-friendly, with cool additions, and basically better all-round. Check it out!

Dark-Neon (My Game)

Dark-Neon is the game a made. My screenshots is can be found in ( and the file is in the ( My game need the RTP of the RPG Maker 2003. If you want the plot, just check it out! 
Dark Neon Banners