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How to Play

Steps needed to create character

First step to making your character is to reading the rules of the Arena. After you have read and understood the rules, the next step is to select your race. Read each carefully and read botht thier strengths and their weaknesses. After you pick your race, next you to choose your class. Be sure to read everything, as some races cannot be certain classes. Once you have chosen your race and class, send an email to the Arena Master, how will then role the stats for your new character. Once this is done, you will be sent an email, with your characters information. Next will be buying the weapon and the armor for your charcter. Each character starts with 100 gold pieces to equipe with. As you fight other players and NPC monster you will earn more gold to buy better equipement and items. Mages and clerics start with one spell
each. You can use your starting gold to buy more if you so desire. Each character will start with one healing potion, which can be found under the items section.