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The Hidden Ping Pong Paddle

By JQK a 24 Year Old Male from Florida

Growing up, I was brought up in a fairly traditional household where if you got into trouble, a spanking would likely result from it. My dad was not a believer in spanking and never bothered with such punishments. My mom was the disciplinarian in the house and whenever you disobeyed her or got into some trouble, you were going to "get spanked black and blue" as she so eloquently put it. Although I was never spanked to such a degree, I can assure you that after being at the receiving end of a spanking from my mom, you butt was going to be pretty red and it was going to be a little uncomfortable sitting down for awhile.

My mom's favorite spanking tool was a ping pong paddle that she kept on top of the refrigerator. Needless to say, it was never up there long enough for any period of time to collect dust, although despite many years later, I wouldn't doubt if it was still there,only this time collecting dust. Where it was kept was a mystery for a while but once I found out where it was kept, I always knew that I may be able to hide it from her if I had one coming. This brings me to one such memory I have.

I was probably 8 or so at the time and was playing outside with some friends. We were playing a war type game where there were a couple of us on each team and we each had our respective "forts". These forts were nothing more than trees and bushes, but forts none the less! We were throwing balls and dirt clumps and Lord knows what else into each other forts which were probably 100 feet or so apart from each other. Me, looking to be slick and obviously very stupid, found a small chunk of wood, really a large wood chip is what it was, and throw it at a passing car that was going by, never thinking that it would actually hit it. Unfortunately for me, it did, and hit it directly on the windshield prompting the car to come to a screeching halt.

At this point, I'm scared out of my mind and not really thinking of running away somewhere, I run directly into my house. Soon as I was in my house, just is case, I went to the kitchen, grabbed the paddle, and threw it in the linen closet so it wouldn't be used on me. I then went hiding in my room. (Obviously a sign of an innocent kid huh?)

Seconds later, I heard a knock of the door. It was the lady who was driving the car and her daughter who was probably my age or a little younger. My mom answered the door and the lady explained what had just happened. My mom yelled for me to come to the door, which I did, and apologize to the lady. She then told the lady that she was going to give me a good spanking and it would never happen again.

I was marched upstairs and told to sit down. My mom went to get the paddle and it wasn't there and she was furious. She asked me where it was and I said I didn't know. (Pretty brave huh?) She said ok, and she went downstairs and grabbed a belt and said she could just as easily spank me with that. I had never been spanked with a belt before, only threatened, so once I saw that I immediately fessed up and told her where the paddle was. She then sat down on our couch, yanked me over her lap, and pulled down my pants. She went on to wear out my butt with that paddle for what seemed like 5 minutes. All I know is that my butt was sore that entire night and even when I woke up in the morning, you could still tell I had been spanked because my butt was still a little red and sore.

It definitely wasn't my first or last spanking but I can tell you I don't think I ever hid the paddle again.