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My Most Memorable Spanking

By Xnet, a 48 Year Old Male from Ohio

Editor Note:
Sometimes a mom other than our own mom is capable of giving a spanking, as this viewer discovered during his childhood.

I have many spanking memories, but one spanking stands out in my mind more than the rest.

I went to small school that was only three short blocks away from my house. The school I attended did not have a food service so we were allowed to walk home at lunchtime to eat. After we ate we went back to school for recess.

When I was 11 years old and I was walking home for lunch with a friend, a girl whom I didn't care for was walking on the other side of the street. She lived three houses down the street from me. My friend started teasing me about how she was my girlfriend and of course I denied it fiercely. He kept at it and I kept saying how I did not like her. One thing led to another and for reasons that I cannot explain I went across the street and punched her in the stomach to prove that she was definitely not my girlfriend. Now the punch couldn't have hurt that much because it was winter time and she was wearing a heavy coat, but she screamed bloody murder and ran home.

I continued home, satisfied that I had proven my point. I had made no mention of this incident to my mother and I as I finished lunch ready to head back for recess, the phone rang. It was the girls mother and when she started to tell my mom what had happened, mom ordered me to stay put.

My mom asked Mrs. Greenwood to hold for a second, shot me a look and curtly asked if I had hit Gail on the way home for lunch. My stomach was in knots, but I knew better than to lie so I admitted my guilt. She told me not to go anywhere and continued talking with Mrs. Greenwood. Now I could only hear one side of the conversation, but they were definitely talking about spanking. While she was still on the phone, my mom looked at me and told Mrs. Greenwood that I had the belt coming, but it would have to wait till after school because recess wouldn't last long and it would give me something to look forward to after school.

That afternoon in school was a blur. The one time in my life that I wanted class to last it seemed to fly by. As you can imagine, I was in no hurry to get home that day so I took my time collecting my books and walked slowly home. I went in the back door like usual and heard mom talking with someone in the dining room. I peeked around the corner and there was Gail and her mom sitting at the table with my mother.

Mom saw me and motioned me into the dining room. I walked in with my head down and the lecture started immediately. How could you do that? WHY did you do that? I didn't have an answer for any of her questions. Mom told me to apologize, which I did because I was truly sorry. Gail and her mother accepted the apology and mom sent me to her bedroom.

Sending me to her bedroom was different protocol than usual because I usually got my spankings in my room. Mom's bedroom was on the first floor right off the dining room and I opened the door and went in. I saw two chairs in the corner and one chair in the middle of the room and then it hit me. Gail and here mother were going to be spectators of my punishment. At first I was so taken back by the possibility of being watched that I did not notice the belt AND a hairbrush on the bed.

Now mom had never spanked me with a hairbrush. She had a paddle for normal spankings and the belt for when I was really bad. Minute after excruciating minute passed and then the door opened. In walked my mother followed by Gail and then her mother. For my first surprise mom informed me that I would be spanked with a hairbrush first and the belt second. My next surprise came when Mrs. Greenwood sat in the chair in the middle of the room. It hit me like a ton of bricks that Gail's mom was going to spank me.

I was horrified as I took in my predicament and mom ordered me to bring the hairbrush to Mrs. Greenwood. I feebly protested, knowing full well it would do no good, and brought the brush to Gail's mom. She calmly told me she was disappointed in me and thought I was above such behavior and she was going to spank me like she spanked her children. Mom looked satisfied at the situation and Mrs. Greenwood told me to pull down my pants and underpants and lay over her lap.

Mom always had me bend over for spankings and this position was new to me, but once I was draped on her lap it seemed rather comforting in comparison. That is until that hairbrush started smacking my bare cheeks, first one then the other. I was soon over my embarrassment as I felt my behind burn like fire. Man did that brush sting! I was kicking and sobbing uncontrollably as she smacked my butt 25 times on each cheek. I rolled off of her lap when she was finished and rubbed my poor behind. I looked at Gail and expected to see her smirking but she had what appeared to be a sympathetic look on her face. The hairbrush made me temporarily forget that I still had to deal with a whipping until mom inspected my cheeks, walked over and picked up the belt.

Mom moved the chair out of her way and Mrs. Greenwood took a seat next to her daughter to watch the next part of my punishment. Mom told me to bend over for the belt. The fact that I was in a more familiar punishment position didn't make me feel any better. Mom lectured me for a short time while I was bent over, warning me not to lose position, complimented Mrs. Greenwood for her part and then let loose with the belt. She lit me up to say the least. There was no way I could hold position through such a belting and every time I put my hands back to cover up she would smack the back of my thighs till I moved them back. My inability to keep position cost me a much longer spanking than the twenty-five smacks she said I was getting.

When it was over Mom assured our neighbors that this behavior would not occur again and I shook my head vigorously in agreement. I sat on a pillow at supper that night while mom explained to my dad what had happened. He gave me a disappointed look that hurt me almost as much as the spanking. Almost.