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Memories of Childhood Spankings
Spanking Memory


It is estimated that 68 percent of American parents think that spanking is an essential part of child rearing. This means at least 68 percent of American children have had a spanking at some point and time in their life. There are also statistics that say that 52 percent of 13 and 14 years old get spankings as well as 20 percent of high school seniors.

This site is about spanking and contains readers contributed spanking memories about the real spankings they got. The site is not meant to debate if spanking is "right" or "wrong" rather the aim is to provide factual memories from people who've received real spankings.

For the purpose of this site spanking is defined as striking with either an open hand or an object on the bottom (clothed or unclothed) of a child (person under 16) without leaving marks of any kind that last over 24 hours.

Over the next several weeks this site is going to be closed down. You will find links added to new sites that you may be interested in below. It's been a great few years, so thank you!

The truth is, we are moving to our own dedicated server. You can find us and bookmark us there at Memories of Childhood Spankings INFO