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A Christmas Spanking in Melbourne

By Sam a 23 Year Old Female from Australia

Mum was a firm believer in spankings and despite being the youngest and the only girl she certainly never went easy on me! If there was any cheek or naughtiness Mum would put me across her knee and spanked my bare bottom until it was pink and hot.

Christmas in Melbourne tends to be really hot, so we usually celebrate at least some of it outdoors. One Christmas my brothers were home from university visiting with their partners. It was all adults, and as an 11 year old I was pretty bored with all the chit chat and wanted to go to my room to play with my new stuff.

I made several attempts to sneak back into the house and every time Mum caught me she would tell me "Come on Sam, it's Christmas day. It's time for family." She would then march me back out to where everyone was sitting around in the garden.

After the 3rd time she warned me in front of my brothers that I would get a sore bottom if I carried on with this behavior. This, of course, raised a cheer from my brothers who always thought I got away with way too much.

I don't know what got into me, but I remember saying something along the lines of "Yeah, right. Whatever!" The silence that followed was deafening.

Mum got up and came toward me. I took off running round the garden, which was a pretty dumb idea on my part, but at the time it was the only thing I could think of. Mum eventually cornered me. She grabbed me by the arm and walked me back towards where everyone was sitting, smacking my bottom as we walked. This was embarrassing in and of itself, but the horror of horrors for a little girl awaited me.

My Mum sat down on a bench and in full view of everyone pulled me over her lap. I felt her hands pull down my shorts and then my undies so that my bottom was completely bare. She then gave me a stinging spanking in full view of everyone. When she finished, I clambered up rubbing my stinging bottom as my 4 brothers all sat with big grins on their faces. Dad didn't seem as amused. He looked a bit cross and I had the sensation that I was going to end the day after the visitors left by dangling over dads lap. But that, as they say, is another story!!!